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Following on from last year’s remarkable Garden 75 military remembrance tour of the Netherlands to coincide with their 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden, this is just to announce that the official tour photo book is now ready for publication. This has been many months in preparation and has been produced on a not for profit basis to ensure that this remarkable tour has an official photo book and a record.
This is being produced in the Netherlands by Defense Media (the official photographers for the tour). Whilst we looked at the possibility of two tour books, it was deemed to be too expensive to produce two so there is now one photo book with some 202 pages in full colour interspersed with a few black and white versions for historical effect. There are some 700 photographs reproduced in the hardback book.
It is important that all orders are in as soon as possible as we are being offered a 30% discount for orders that are placed before the 12th December. All orders placed after this date will incur an additional 30% surcharge. The cost of the photo book is 125€ this includes postage and packing costs etc.
It has not been a cheap exercise but the book is produced well and has hardback covers that will grace any book shelf. It does credit to this unsurpassed event in military remembrance with the largest gathering of WWII British and Allied army vehicles that were employed in the very operation that this event commemorated. A great credit is due to all those that made a considerable effort to go to the Netherlands who were instrumental in creating a memorable atmosphere and camaraderie hitherto unsurpassed.

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